About PhuphaPueng Resort

We are living in the time of higher gas prices. If you are the person that looking for a place for relaxation during the holiday, a place with affordable price, northern atmosphere, and closer to Bangkok. We can not denied that smart person like you have to calculate and weigh all these things out.

1. Close proximity to Bangkok

PhuphaPueng Resort is located four kilometre of Suanphung district in Rajburi. It covers 320,000 Sq. mts. and 165 kilometres from Bangkok.

2. Northern Thailand atmosphere

PhuphaPueng Resort was built and decorated with modernise Lan-Na influences. From the first step to Phuphapueng Resort, you will be enchanted by these Northern style.

3. Cool fresh air

Phuphapueng Resort is surrounded by tall mountains that connected to Tha-Now-Sri moutain near Andaman sea on the Myanmar border. Hence, Phuphapueng Resort's temperature is cooler than others place all year round.

4. A Full Service

Phuphapueng Resort has 24 hours security that ensure the safety of our guest. Our resort has clean and fully equip rooms with hotel standard, full equipment conference room with 200 capacity. It also have a restaurant with Karaoke room, convenient store and a coffee shop. Our guest can relax and enjoy numerous activities that we provided for you such as biking and canoeing. Our guest can visit our Phuphapueng tower to view a breathtaking landscape of our resort.

5. Affordable price

Phuphapueng Resort is built based on the philosophy of affordability. We offers the best of our services with affordable prices. We believe that if you have visited us once. You will be back again.

Phuphapueng Resort look forward to serving you in the coming holidays.